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Caring, Thorough

Finch Avenue Optometry is your source for medical eye care that goes beyond treating your eyes. Our friendly and personable team cares about you. We want you to enjoy your experience, learn about your eyes, and improve your eye health into the future.

We truly practice what we preach and stand by our mission statement:

It is our commitment to deliver outstanding eye care in both services and products while remaining at the technological forefront. We pledge to give the best quality of life through continued education, prevention, and ongoing care.

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Reducing Dry Eyes &
Refining Your Skin

Finch Avenue Optometry uses several sophisticated dry eye treatments to improve the health of your eyes and provide you with relief from irritating symptoms caused by dry eye.

Dry eye disease is an incredibly common condition, and symptoms can range from minimal dryness to constant irritation. If left untreated, dry eye disease can lead to more severe issues, which is why it’s important to seek help from your optometrist. 

At Finch Avenue Optometry, we rely on advanced technology to diagnose, manage, and treat dry eye disease. Additionally, we use some of these same technologies to offer aesthetic treatments to our patients.

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Our clinic is right on the corner of Finch Avenue West and Endell Street. Convenient parking is available in our lot off Endell Street, right behind our office.

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  • 244 Finch Avenue West
  • Toronto, ON M2R 1M7

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*Our operating hours may vary, and our office remains locked during regular business hours. All visits are currently by appointment only. Please refer to our Google business page for the updated information or contact us directly to schedule an appointment.

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