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Welcome to Finch Avenue Optometry, where our team of eye care professionals prioritizes your eye health and happiness.

It is our pleasure to offer innovative techniques to provide you and your family with the best eye care possible. Our focus extends beyond your eyes to you as an individual. Because your eye health is essential to your quality of life, we want your eyes to remain happy and healthy.
We truly practice what we preach and stand by our mission statement:

It is our commitment to deliver outstanding eye care in both services and products while remaining at the technological forefront. We pledge to give the best quality of life through continued education, prevention, and ongoing care.

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Specializing in Low Vision Assessments & Rehabilitation

Low vision, also known as partial vision or partial blindness, is the loss of vision that cannot be recovered through the use of corrective lenses (glasses or contacts) or by medical or surgical means. The loss of eyesight can make it difficult to complete everyday activities, like driving, watching TV, or reading, ultimately impacting your overall quality of life.

As hard as it is to experience vision loss, you do have options, and we can provide them. We can help you maintain your quality of life by adapting to your new situation using a variety of techniques. If you have low vision, it is essential to have a qualified and supportive team to rely on that has your best interest at heart.

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Dry Eye & Skin Tightening

Dry eye is a common and uncomfortable condition that can occur due to a myriad of reasons. Often, a lack of tears or poor quality tears cause the eye to become dry and irritated. At Finch Avenue Optometry, we specialize in a variety of dry eye treatments to improve the condition and relieve symptoms.

In some cases, dry eye can be caused by sagging skin around the eyes. We use radiofrequency technology to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin above and below the eyes. TempSure Envi is a revolutionary treatment that can significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve symptoms of dry eye, and provide a smoother, healthier-looking appearance.

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Where to Find Us

We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1995. Our clinic is right on the corner of Finch Avenue West and Endell Street.

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244 Finch Avenue West
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Hours of Operations

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Our office remains locked during office hours and all visits are currently by appointment only.
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