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Caring For & Protecting Your Eye Health

It’s easy to assume you will not experience an eye-related problem, especially if you can see well, but over 5 million Canadians live with eye disease. If left unaddressed, many eye diseases can lead to severe vision loss, affecting your daily life. However, you do not need to worry when you have supportive, hands-on care from our team. 

Visit Finch Avenue Optometry, and we can care for your eye health and vision. You can feel at ease knowing your ocular health is in good hands. 

Take Care of Your
Eye Health & Vision

While developing eye disease is possible at any age, you can help lower your risk. Taking care of yourself by eating well and staying active can help you preserve your vision and eye health.

You can care for your eye health and vision and lower your risk of eye disease in the following ways:

These tips can help you improve your health, but one of the best things you can do to protect yourself from eye disease is to visit your optometrist for regular eye exams. 

We invest in quality diagnostic technology to help diagnose and treat eye disease as early as possible, helping prevent further damage to your eyes.

How We Diagnose & Treat Eye Disease

We can diagnose eye disease during your eye exam, conducting several tests to get a complete picture of your eye health and identify problems in their earlier stages. You can develop eye disease even if you can see clearly, so we test for different conditions during every eye exam. 

After we diagnose a problem, our team will recommend different treatments. We base these on your unique needs, creating a personalized treatment plan. 

Common Eye Diseases

Eye disease can develop at any time and damage your vision. However, regular eye exams can help us identify these problems in their early stages and allow us to prevent further damage to your vision and eye health. 

Age-related Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) occurs when the central part of the retina, the macula, begins to thin and break down. You may have dry or wet AMD.

Dry AMD causes macular degeneration, slowly affecting your vision. Small protein clumps called drusen begin to grow, causing issues with the macula’s cells. Eventually, dry AMD can evolve into wet AMD.

Wet AMD is a less common but significant risk to your eye health and vision. Abnormal blood vessels grow under the retina and potentially leak, scarring the macula. If left untreated, wet AMD can lead to rapid vision loss.

A cataract is the clouding of your eye’s lens. This lens is typically clear, but becomes opaque with time, affecting your ability to see, read, or even recognize facial expressions.

Cataracts can develop slowly for years or rapidly within months. When vision becomes severely affected, many patients need cataract surgery to see clearly again.

Some symptoms of cataracts include:

  • Blurry or foggy vision
  • Colours appearing dull
  • Decreased night vision
  • Sensitivity to light

Diabetic retinopathy affects 1 in 3 people over 40 with diabetes. This disease occurs when blood vessels in the retina swell and leak fluid and blood. As this disease progresses, abnormal blood vessels develop, causing potential complications like scarring or vision loss.

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in Canada, affecting vision without visible symptoms. Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve, causing severe vision loss with time. Early management is crucial for protecting your vision from unnecessary damage.

There are several types of glaucoma, including:

We Are Here for Your Eye Health & Vision

Eye disease is always a risk, but caring for your health and regular eye exams can help you protect your vision. We can help diagnose eye disease as early as possible and provide a customized treatment plan. Visit us when it’s time for your next eye exam.

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