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Give Your Eyes a Much Needed Break

No one deserves strained eyes and headaches, especially when trying to relax after a day of work. Thankfully, we can recommend some ways you can prevent irritation when using your digital devices, letting you enjoy screen time for longer. 

Visit Finch Avenue Optometry, and we can help you avoid digital eye strain. We can thoroughly discuss your digital habits and suggest tips and techniques to help you find relief.

Digital Eye Strain:
What It Is & Why It Happens

Digital eye strain occurs when your eyes become tired and uncomfortable after using your phone, computer, tablet, or any digital screen, for long periods of time. The stress on your eyes leads to several irritating symptoms, including:

  • Sore, tired eyes
  • Overly watery eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Sore neck, back, or shoulders
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Headaches
  • Light sensitivity

Your eyes become strained from consistent focusing rather than your digital devices. Digital devices cause strained eyes more frequently because of how people use them. It’s common for patients to blink less, look at their screen from a poor angle, and view devices with glare.

Another possibility is that you may have an undiagnosed refractive error if you have trouble focusing or experience blurry vision. We can determine what’s causing your irritation during a comprehensive eye exam.

Tips to Prevent Digital Eye Strain Symptoms

Digital eye strain can lead to headaches, tired eyes, and blurry vision. However, your screen time does not need to be uncomfortable every time.

With changes to your digital habits, you can prevent unnecessary discomfort. Our team can review your lifestyle and digital device use and examine your eyes before recommending ways to improve your comfort. 

Here are some tips to consider implementing into your daily routine. 

Have a Proper Workstation Set Up

Your workstation setup can affect how hard your eyes work to maintain focus. You can help prevent discomfort by following these guidelines:

  • Keep your screen around an arm’s length from your eyes & around 20 degrees below eye level
  • Position your screen & devices to avoid glare or apply an anti-glare cover
  • Use devices in a well-lit room
  • Keep your screen free from fingerprints & dust

On average, you blink 12 times per minute, but focusing on digital devices can cut this time in half. It’s common to blink 5 times per minute when using the computer, so remember to blink! Infrequent blinking can dry your eyes out, causing discomfort.

Taking breaks is important when using digital devices, especially for long periods. Incorporating the 20-20-20 rule into your daily routine can help. Take a 20-second break every 20 minutes to look at something at least 20 feet away.

Adjusting the font on your screen can make it easier to read, reducing strain on your eyes. Additionally, you can match the brightness of your screen to your surroundings, making it easier to focus.

Find Relief from Digital Eye Strain

Never settle for discomfort when using your phone or computer. We can help you manage digital eye strain and prevent future irritation. Book an appointment, and we can view your digital device habits.

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